Saturday, 14 May 2011

Great Help

If you have read even one book on baby care you will have read that with a new baby you should never say no to help.This can be a really difficult concept for many women. We are used to juggling overly busy lives before baby comes along and it is hard to imagine how a baby and home life could get on top of us. Just rest assured that it can and accepting any help offered is a smart move.
With our third baby I have been really blessed with help. Firstly, on Baby Boo's due date my mother in law arrived to stay for a week. Mother in laws often get a bad rap but mine was a dream!
Obviously by that point I was very pregnant, tired and feeling frustrated by Boo being over due. Ms H (mother in law) made her week stay bliss for me. I got to sleep in, the kids were taken care of and I had help with the school run. Best of all I didn't have to do any dishes! You should never underestimate the value of doing someones dishes. Especially when that someone is a very pregnant person that can't physically reach the sink without turning side ways and hurting her back.
So a big thank you to my mother in law, who sadly only had a week off work and had to return home before Baby Boo made her entrance.
My parents arrived the day before Ms H left. They took a ten hour drive to get here and with them came an esky full of meals- enough to feed us all. Bliss- no cooking!
Mum and dad also entertained the girls so that The Spy and I could have lunch together and also so that I could have some time alone before life was taken over with a new born! So thanks to mum and dad for yummy meals.
The most help has come from The Spy himself. For the last month my amazing husband has done everything. The cleaning, the cooking, shopping and washing. He has changed nappies, bathed children, read stories and kept track of school notes. He has bought me socks, made me milk shakes and cut up my dinner so I can eat and feed Baby Boo at the same time. He has done the school run whenever he can. He has made school lunches, RSVP'd to party invitations. He has made sure that visitors have morning tea and a hot drink. He has cleaned my car, fitted car seats and cleaned our pram. On top of all that he has also gone to work, often getting up at 4.30 am - the joy of running his own business. Nothing has been too much trouble. Oh and did I mention he totally reorganised the kitchen cupboards and the pantry?
I admit that I have been exceedingly lucky to have a month long baby moon. But the time to rest, settle in with Baby Boo, establish breastfeeding and ease into a new routine around the older kids has been priceless.
My advice, take any help you can get. Rest and enjoy your new born. It will be over way too fast.


Rhianna said...

How wonderfully beautiful. So glad to hear the new addition is having such a smooth transition. You sound very blessed indeed. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you all xx

Mom Blog said...

My husband is amazing at helping and I NEVER turn him down. Of course I return the favor.

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