Sunday, 8 May 2011

School sux!

My eldest daughter, Bug, started school this year. This has been mostly a wonderful experience, with Bug heading off every morning, happy and excited and ready to learn. Bug also loves the social aspect, loves seeing her friends and making new ones, this is where we run into a little trouble.
School can be the first place that your child is significantly influenced by their peers. A large chunk of your child's behaviour seems to suddenly be out of your control. Your child is also being influenced by other peoples parenting through their children!
Bugs behaviour hasn't been "bad", just annoying. We have tried to explain to Bug that some behaviour needs to stay in the school yard and not come home, and some behaviour needs to stop outright ( like kissing everyone! Although Bug getting sick the day after our discussion on this topic worked a treat!)
The concept of all this is proving challenging for Bug and for us. She continues the school yard stuff at home and drives us nuts...
But there is a positive aspect to this situation. It is important that parents educate their children on the different expectations of the social situations they will encounter. For example, a visit to Great Grandpa in his nursing home requires very different behaviour from their best mates sixth birthday party!
I am hopeful that our situation with Bug can be turned around and used to teach her something positive.

How about you? Do you think teaching kids about different behaviour for different situations is important? and how do you go about it?

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Rhianna said...

Yes it is super important that they learn different behaviours are necessary for different environments and settings. My number 2 also started school this year as well and the influences of other people/children is not always that great. I think the hardest part is teaching them that what everyone else is doing is irrelevant all that matters is what they do

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