Friday, 4 November 2011

Ice cream anyone?

Last week we took a the car........with three kids.
One of these kids hates the car and had let us know, loudly, many times before this trip. The kid that hates the car is also the one kid that is too young to understand "If you can be really quiet till the next stop (two hours away) Mummy will buy you an ice cream, Hell, Mummy will buy you two"!
The kid that hates the car screamed for the first hour of the trip. Loud, heartbreaking screams, that became quiet, heartbreaking sobs, complete with sad, sad little eyes that held much accusation. And then, she went to sleep, holding my hand, with my arm so straight, to reach her in the back seat, that my elbow locked!
After that, she went to sleep no trouble. It was being awake that made her yell.

Ice cream anyone???


Rhianna said...

well apart from the traveling part I hope the rest of the trip was enjoyable. Oh and yes please on the ice cream front can I get a double

Calico Child said...

ooh no I hope your eardrums have all recovered!!!
& you all had a huge Ice-cream too :))

Nicole Harry said...

Double? I'll buy you a triple, but you have to come visit to get it!

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