Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Motherhood, it's all glamour

It was a stunning day today and after dropping Bug at school I headed to the park to meet a friend.
I love meeting up with Ms H, we talk about some really diverse stuff and I always feel like I have had fabulous conversations after our dates. So in between discussing why having 20 kids is crazy, how it is so not fair that even as adults we can't do or have whatever we want, and the case for enforced sterilisation, she headed off to push the kids on the swings. At this point baby boo shifted in her Ergo and managed to pee out of her nappy, missing her own clothes and soaking my leg! No big deal, it was a warm day, I mopped up a bit and let it dry.
We said our good-byes at about 10.30 and headed off into our day.
It wasn't until I just had a shower about 15 minutes ago that I realised I was still wearing the baby pee pants!
That's right, I had forgotten to change them and had instead spent 9 hours in baby pee soaked pants.
Motherhood is many things but it is rarely glamorous.
In fact, I doubt that it is even hygienic.

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