Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I have been a mother to one for six and a half years, a mother to two for four and a half years and a mother to three for nine months. In the past few weeks I have learned a valuable lesson about motherhood (I may have been a little slow on the uptake!)

The best thing I can do for my kids is to take a little quiet time for me.

Time when I am not wiping bums or snot.
Time when I am not breastfeeding a baby.
Time when I am not pouring drinks, vacuuming carpet, washing, hanging out or folding clothes.
Time when I am not answering a million annoying super important questions.
Time when I am dishing out consequences for undesirable behaviour.
Time when I am not breaking up fights or banning kids from the trampoline.
Time when I don't have kids following me to the toilet.
Time when I don't have to think about everyone else first.

I need to take the time to breath, to finish a thought from start to finish all at once.
I need to take time to recharge my batteries so that I stand a fraction of a chance of keeping up with my kids.
I need to take a little care of myself so that I can take a lot of care of everyone else.

What are your needs as a parent?


Ozzie Thriftmumma said...

I agree, stress does nothing to help the family. I tend to have a day/few hours by myself every week or so.
It really helps me recharge as a mum and I can see things more level headed.
It doesnt need to be anything fancy, a lone shopping trip will do but it makes all the difference:)

Rhianna said...

Well at least you realized sooner than what I did. After ten, nearly eleven years of mothering I am only just working out the importance of me time. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

househighlights said...

Opps, the problem doesn't actually lay with knowing you need me time, the problem is actually actioning me time!

househighlights said...

Exactly! How I crave a lone shopping trip!

Frewcrew said...

Send girls to Nan & Pops for a couple of days then you will feel renewed!!!!!!!

Melinda said...

I definitely need a little 'me' time too.
It doesn't really matter if it is ten minutes or a whole (unheard of) hour. I can feel such a difference after I have had a little quiet time and am so much more relaxed and patient as a parent.

Great post!


Pamela said...

I need to run or cycle or swim.  Preferable once a day, but will take 3 - 4 times a week if possible. 

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