Friday, 24 February 2012

Sorry- bring me a fresh horse!

There is this woman, Eden Riley, she writes Eden Land and she is all kinds of awesome. The kind of woman that we need more of, strong and powerful and loud and smart. The kind of woman that you want to shine a light on for your daughters and say, "here is a woman that has been kicked in the guts more times than you can imagine and yet look at what she has done, what she has become". Eden is awesome. She has a meme

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

and I am joining in today.

I am sorry for not believing in myself.

I am sorry letting too many opportunities and too many years go by.
I am sorry for letting what other people think become too important.
Sorry for saying fuck too often.
Sorry I don't want to conform, it's too hard and too boring and I can't keep up.
Sorry for not being the ideal mum, I'm working on being as good as I can be.
Sorry for not writing or returning calls.
Sorry, I really don't care that my house is messy, I have better things to do, like hug my kids.
Sorry, I think homebirth should be legal and encouraged for those able to do so.
Sorry, I love shoes and fashion and it doesn't fit with the hippy homebirthing thing, too bad.
Sorry for not being who you think I should be.
Sorry, I am who I am and I WILL be proud of me.

And finally, I am sorry I didn't find Eden sooner!


Lyndal said...

Exactly - the last line! I nodded at all of these, and I send you a resounding AMEN!

Me said...

Have to totally agree with your last line.

Glad to hear you acceot who you are and don't apologise for it !

Have a fantastic weekend !

Rhianna said...

Nice one Nic! Very well said. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses, I am sorry you live so far away x

Toni said...

OH, I like you!! I agreed with all of this.

AmyQ said...

I'm sorry about the f word too, sorry cos my kid has been repeating it at kindy - oops!

Love this post!

edenland said...

Nicole, I think I should be allowed to call you Haz because my maiden name was Barrie and then we can be Haz and Baz.

Thank you for linking up. And your beautiful intro! I love all your sorries. Especially the fuck one.

All the things we're sorry for can take a running jump.


MsMidge said...

Affirmative to all of the above!

Kate said...

I'm sorry the hippies are offended by my mainstreaming and the mainstream thinks I make hippy choices. I'm sorry we can't just respect each other for our choices.

I'm also sorry we haven't met IRL yet!

Sharron said...

Sorry I am who I am and I will be proud of me, loved that thought

Deb @ Bright and Precious said...

Hearing you loud and clear about not fitting into other people's ideals of what a homebirther looks/acts like! And then the other side of it is having to apologise for believing in it in the first place... oh yes, I'm hearing you! Lovely, Nicole!

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